!Keybinds Sensitivity X10% and Y10% 400 DPI ... 200 FPS, AND MAx 3D REs. View Distance Epic, ShadowsN/A (Off) TextureS Low, Post proccesong LoW Vysync OFF, Motion Blur off, Show fpsONAllow multi-threaded rendering oN) Targeting sEns150 (Same for both)Sprint by defauLt On, (Etc SETTINGS Is The same) VOLumE (Default) auToRun F4 Harvesting TooL F, WpnSlot1 --1,WpnSlot2 Q, WpnSlot3 Thumb mouse button 3....? WpnSlot4=4 WpnSlot5 T.(I HAVE Wierd fuckin cracked Keybinds) Wall cps Lock, Floor Tabs, Stair ShiFt,,,Repair H, CONE V, Trap 2, Rotate building LeftALT, Edit C, Reset building RiGht click.... (vehiclEs default) !ColorbliND Md!!!!????? TRITANOPE